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Hostel Rules
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Rules & Regulations in Hostel :

  1. Each student must occupy the room allotted to her for the session by the wardens and no change of room shall be made without her permission.
  2. No electric stoves, room heaters or electrical appliances etc. are allowed to beused. Student found guilty of misuse of electricity will be fined upto Rs.500/-each time.
  3. No. student shall keep any unauthorized person in her room. If a student is found having a person in her room, she will be liable to summary expulsion.
  4. In the event of mischief I foul play or accident etc. the warden can break the lock to open the room for investigation.
  5. Whenever a student proposes to leave station or to remain outside the hostel for the nights she should obtain prior permission of the warden.
  6. No students permitted to entertain as guest on any ground, any student of this college, who stands expelled from the college or the hostel. No student is permitted to entertain visitors or guests in the hostel after 7:00 p.m. Except with the prior permission of the warden.
  7. Students are forbidden to utilize hosted servants as privates or abuse them in any way.
  8. All complaints against hostel servants should be brought to the notice of the warden, who will investigate into the matter.
  9. No student will argue, abuse or misbehave with the mess contractor I staff or viceveisa. Complaint, if any should be brought to the notice of the warden immediately.
  10. All the students shall, at all times conduct themselves in a disciplined manner inside the hostel. They should do nothing, which may disturb others, at study or at work, in the hostel.
  11. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student found guilty of any personal violence or in abatement thereof.
  12. Residents who do not observe the above said rules make themselves liable to fine or summary president expulsion or both. Any point I issue not covered by these rules shall be decided by the Chairman I Principals.
    1. Parents, brothers, sisters are allowed to visit the ward with the permission of the warden.
    2. Name of relatives should be specifically mentioned by the respective parents, who can visit the ward.
    3. Parents must provide the address of relatives whom the ward can visit on holidays.
    4. Ward can visit home I relatives allowed by parents even on holiday. They must obtain written permission from warden one day in advance by submitting application.
    5. Male visitors are not allowed in hostel room.
    6. Wards cab leave the hostel only upto 5:00 p.m.
    7. The resident in the girls’ hostel will be treated absent in case she does not mark her evening attendance in time.
    8. Girls students are not allowed to wear shorts in the mess I hostel premises.
    9. The students found guilty of breach of these rules will be fined upto Rs.500/- each time.
  13. Students are not allowed to keep any pets etc. in the hostel.
    1. Students in their own interest should not keep large sum of money or any other valuable items in their rooms.
    2. In case of any theft of college property, it should be immediately reported to wardens.
    3. Any case of serious illness should be reported to the warden and the college Medical Officer immediately.
    4. Each resident student is responsible for the cleanliness and good upkeep of the room allotted to her.
    5. She will be held responsible for the damages done to the room or its furniture and futures.
    6. If any student leaves the hosted and fails to handover in good order all the room furniture I fixture, will be liable to pay for any damages done.
    7. All lights and fans must be switched off, when leaving the rooms.
    8. All students are advised in their own interest to take breakfast I meals I snacks in the college mess I canteen.
    9. In case of any food poisoning due to their taking food at a place other than the hostel mess I canteen, the student will be personally responsible for the consequences.
    10. As room as the resident ceases to be a student of the college, her entitlement to stay in the hostel will cease automatically.
    11. Newspapers / magazines / journals etc. are to read in the common room only and should not be taken out.
    12. T.V. Set should be only operated by the authorised persons who are permitted to operate it; otherwise charges for repair etc. would be the responsibility of the defaulters.


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